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Brand: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

What happens to a company's culture when you merge 16 subsidiaries into one corporate identity? Or when you launch that new brand? Your mission…your vision—redefined. What happens when you announce your company's five new values, and your 50,000 employees are trying to understand what that means?

What do you do when employee engagement results show that only 60% of employees feel motivated to contribute more than is normally required to complete his/her work; only 41% feel empowered to try new things even if they lead to occasional mistakes; and only 49% believe your company retains the best people needed to achieve its business goals.

How do you create a stronger purpose, a stronger culture – a culture that will define your company and its workforce for generations to come.

Well, at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, this is what we did…