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Advertiser: Abaim
Brand: Abaim
Agency: Blast Burson-Marsteller
Country: Mauritius


The sega music, the traditional music of Mauritius, is part of the UNESCO World intangible heritage since 2014.

Zot konba - Their fight

  • Since its inception in 1982, Abaim, a cultural organisation, has been fighting for the revalorization of the Ravann, a traditional percussion music instrument, and the traditional sega.
  • In line with this objective, the association has carried out a number of activities, including album releases, concerts, the creation of a school to teach how to play the Ravann, as well as a documentary film concerning the fabrication of this instrument.

An ongoing process

Abaim spent 30 years working on a book on the Ravann, entitled "O ti le la la e Ravann", to restore the instrument's * reputation within the Mauritian culture.