Research as a Customer Experience: How Skyteam is creating truly consumer-centric research

David van Dongen, Farrell Styers, Annelies Verhaeghe, Pieter De Vuyst


SkyTeam is an alliance of 20 different airlines - each with their own strategies, processes and cultures. Their network covers over 1,000 airports and their members serve millions of passengers daily. In this complex environment, SkyTeam faced the challenge of trying to keep the customer at the center of their work.

Although customer experience research is high on the agenda of many research departments, it does not always reflect true consumer centricity. Together with SkyTeam, we launched a pilot customer centricity project for SkyPriority, one of their most important products. The pilot project used an innovative approach designed to evoke a feeling of customer centricity through research. By creating the research program, SkyTeam created a new touchpoint to deliver top customer service spanning their complex network.