The story behind the campaign


Championed by its Vorsprunch dürch Technik slogan, Audi is known as one of the car industry’s most innovative brands. In Norway, however, Audi’s leading position was challenged. To show that Audi’s technological edge is not just in their cars but in the brand’s DNA, Audi wanted its new campaign to reflect their commitment to technology. For the introduction of the Audi Q5, the brief was to give Audi dealers something truly cool and innovative that would spark people’s excitement for Audi in a way that would reach beyond the dealership through social and PR.

Creative concept

We created an in-store installation that lets people test-drive the new Audi Q5 in VR on a self-made track made out of sand. We invited people to enter a purpose-built sandbox to create their own driving environment by moving sand to form lanes, jumps and mud pools. The physical sandbox is turned into a virtual playground using a depth-sensing camera that renders peoples’ creation into a 3D environment. People could then step an Audi Q5 driving simulator with a headset to drive around their own sandbox in a real-time VR experience. The driving experience is designed to simulate a real-life drive, complete with feedback from the Audi Q5 steering wheel and the actual engine sounds.

Creative execution