One of the key features in The Gunn Report each year is the Table for the 50 most awarded advertising agencies in the world. This led to the concept of “The Top 50 Club” (the term was coined by Jacques Séguéla) – those advertising agencies anywhere in the world who have ever made it into The Gunn Report’s Agencies table.

“The Top 50 Club”, and their recipes for creative success, became the subject of a presentation at Cannes 2003. At this time there had been 4 years of The Gunn Report (1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002). And the number of Agencies who had got into the table just happened to number exactly 100. The event at Cannes was organised by Havas.

As research for the subject a Questionnaire was sent to the Executive Creative Directors at each of these 100 agencies. They were asked:

“As a founder member of the Top 50 Club – those agencies anywhere in the world who have featured in The Most Awarded Agencies in The World league table in The Gunn Report in the last four years, please can you help by taking a couple of minutes to answer the following.” (They were promised a Report summarising the findings as a thank you for participating). 82 out of the 100 ECD’s kindly replied.