Purpose in Asia: What matters to consumers, and why it matters for brands

Looks at the social issues that matter to people in the APAC region, and the role that they believe brands should play within this complex environment as consumers in Asia are calling for brands to have purpose.


The rising tide of social consciousness is causing many global brands to weave purpose into the fabric of their businesses, through mission statements, narratives and campaigns. Some businesses were built from the beginning with a certain belief in m campaign that has run successfully for over 15 years. Nevertheless, still others – which will probably become a much larger group this decade – are like Microsoft. A few years ago, it was considered too expensive for Microsoft to look to become carbon neutral. However, this year at Davos, Microsoft has pledged not only to become carbon neutral by 2030, but also to create negative emissions until it has "paid back" all the carbon emissions it has created since 1974.