The Programmatic Primer: Sharing and social tools in the online advertising ecosystem

This article is part of The Programmatic Primer, Warc's essential guide for advertisers to the latest online advertising techniques. The report includes detailed advice on how to work with companies in the online advertising ecosystem, plus use cases of programmatic in action. View a PDF version.

Need to know: Sharing and Social Tools

  • Social tools are scripts or widgets placed on pages by publishers to measure aspects of publisher performance, collect data, improve user experience, and build traffic.
  • They include icons linking to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and the ability to email an article to a friend.
  • Sharing tools (widgets) can detect segments of people with similar interests (attributes) and this data can be sold or used to target media.
  • Knowing what a cookie 'means' is a huge advantage for a bidder on an exchange and these tools play an important role ascertaining meaning in the ecosystem.
  • As an advertiser, you will get better media value if your competitors do not know how to value a consumer/cookie. People with high quality data can bid based on knowledge, reducing waste and often price.