Display campaign success using social data


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An ecosystem company that fused a Social DMP with a display demand platform ran this campaign for a large retailer. The results were outstanding, and resulted from several smart uses of ecosystem data.

Key takeaways

  • In this campaign, social media was trafficked to a range of keywords, and a range of creative content. The best keyword/content for that target was determined. Then audience expansion was executed using lookalike models, and finally display campaigns were targeted at the lookalikes… whose characteristics were gleaned from social response.
  • This kind of automation increases campaign performance in most cases, but does require a little people time to look at the data and set up analytic processes. These managed services are included 'free' with the top social buying platforms, but go unused when intermediaries sit between the buying platforms and the client.
  • If you work directly with a buying platform and they can not execute this type of optimization, then it's time to open up your aperture.