Maximizing Super Bowl impact for retail campaign on Twitter

Kinetic Social

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In this case, a retailer running a pricey Super Bowl ad wanted to prime consumers to talk about their ad, and then stimulate conversation about it once they had seen it, using Twitter. It used Bluefin Labs, a TV-focused social media measurement company acquired by Twitter, to obtain insights about how much conversation occurred about the ad.

Key takeaways

  • This case used Bluefin Labs to obtain insights about how much conversation occurred about their ad. Because of priming and community management interventions done in concert, the response to the ad was well in excess of expectations.
  • The famous 'Oreo' tweet became the poster child for this kind of marketing. What it demonstrates is that media and events can be linked in real time, creating more engagement for the investment in the event. The company could have put geo-targeted mobile ads directly into the phones of those who were at the game, or targeted Facebook ads at people who were lookalikes for those actually watching the game on television. The point is that the ecosystem is so agile that almost any marketplace intervention can be engineered.