The Programmatic Primer: Data management platforms (DMPs), data suppliers and data aggregators in the online advertising ecosystem

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Need to know: Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Data Suppliers and Data Aggregators

  • Data is essential to the online advertising ecosystem, but buyers should understand the pedigree of the data they are buying.
  • Collectors harvest huge amounts of data. Aggregators establish the meaning of that data and DMPs create profiles available to real-time transactions.
  • DMPs can integrate data from any source to provide other decision criteria for bidders, as long as they get an ID match. The Holy Grail of data management is a 'persistent ID'.
  • Most programmatic decisions are data driven. Persistent identity is the gold in the programmatic gold rush.
  • Data gathered by DMPs can also be used for research and development insights.
  • Targeting data sometimes is worth more than the media impression it targeted.
  • Differentiation is a big issue for DMPs. The next biggest issues are innovation and obsolescence. Everyone has access to technology.
  • The functions of many players in this space overlap.