Campaign details

Agency: Verve the Live Agency
Country: Ireland


Ireland has a special place in its heart for ice cream. Each spring and summer season brings new products to the market, while timeless classics enjoy an annual surge in popularity. The Irish ice-cream market is worth over €166m and every summer see's an ice cream war between the leading brands. For Magnum it's main competitors are indulgent products like Mars and Galaxy. Ice cream sales are closely tied with weather. Given the unpredictable nature even in summer months of that weather, sales figures can surge and decline. It is therefore essential that brands bring new innovations to the market to make sure consumers choose their product when the weather is right.

Unilever identified Magnum as their key category growth driver for 'Ultimate Indulgence' they knew they had to bring to the market the ultimate treat to satisfy their target market and to give their consumer a new flavor and experience.