toom: Der Zwergenprotest

Client Company Name:toomBaumarkt GmbH
Brand Name:toom
Agency:OgilvyAction GmbH
Category: Innovative Idea or Concept
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: Under €25,000
Country: Germany


Two key markets for the retailer toom DIY are the large garden segment and its considerable garden planning service. The task of this campain was to increase customer awareness and sales of both.


TARGET GROUP: Shoppers in German downtown areas.

CONCEPTS/MEASURES: We chose a surprising, interesting and different style of communication in order to break through the already crowded "garden" market segment. As the majority of garden centres focuses on traditional marketing methods, we set our promotion apart from the mainstream. The communication was moved to the streets of German cities, in order to interact with the public on a personal level. Our garden story, the gnome revolt, capured their attention immediately. Our gnomes, who were protesting for people to take better care of their gardens, were selected for their immediate recognition value. Moreover, they are synonymous with "gardens" and are also fugures with which everybody can sympathise. 

The garden gnomes we placed on German streets were equipped with protest posters which included calls-to-action, and were supported by a Twitter account to update followers. In addition, we created a Facebook fan page where fans could upload pictures and win prizes.