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Agency: Geometry Global s.r.o.
Country: Czech Republic


The Salvation Army, a worldwide church and registered charity in 127 countries, operates a network of over 200 own second-hand stores to extend a helping hand to those that are homeless and in need. On top of that, they strive to provide as many opportunities as possible to reuse and recycle to help lessen our impact on overflowing landfill sites.

The Salvation Army receives 34,000 tons of donated clothing each year. By selling selected clothing in their shops, much-needed money is collected.

Although the charity has no season, the sales at Christmas time drop dramatically. This was the case of the shop in Prague. The purchase of second hand items does not correspond with the Christmas shopping patterns of Czech consumers. Those are rather traditional and perceive Christmas as an opportunity to "give the best possible present" – meaning new or valuable gift.