Campaign details

Agency: These Days
Country: Belgium


Telco provider Telenet celebrated its 20th birthday. Therefore they ran a big national campaign that showed people how far they've come over the past 20 years. Throughout different media, Telenet took us on a trip down memory lane and showed us the evolution of the Internet, cooking shows, gaming, phones, etc. And concluded that Telenet is now your best partner to embrace the latest technology.

National context of the campaign

To show young people how far we've come, Telenet launched the CamerApp. A fun photo app that looked and worked exactly like a disposable camera. To take a picture you turned the winding wheel, and framing was only possible through a tiny view finder. Users could only take 15 photos without filters and without knowing how they would turn out. Instead they had to wait until their photos were developed and mailed to them by post before they could see the result for the first time. Along with their photos, they also received a nice promotion for a new smartphone.