Sharkproject: Spendenkampagne - stop finning

Agency name: Wegner & Partner GmbH
Client name: Sharkproject
Category: Cause or Charity/ Non-profit Marketing


The practice of finning (cutting the fins off living sharks) is one of the most brutal forms of animal cruelty. However, as an important ingredient for a gourmet soup, the fins are “worth their weight in gold”. One kilogram of shark-fin soup will obtain close to EUR 600 on the world market, one kilogram of tuna (of first-class sushi quality) only about EUR 50, which amounts to a price difference of 1200%. Thus the pressure to catch sharks increases continuously. By now, each year up to 200 sharks are killed worldwide. The decline of the oceans’ No.1 predators (only in the last six years, 75% of all oceanic sharks in the North Atlantic are extinct) is a ruthless exploitation of the marine ecology that will result in dramatic consequences. Lacking the most important predators, including tuna and whales, the oceans will surely perish, as recent studies prove. They also show that this would threaten our oxygen supply - every second breath of air is made possible by our oceans.