Campaign details

Agency: cdm milan
Country: Italy


Bosch is a leader brand (company) in the market of durable consumer goods and has always combined the technological side of its products range with deep attention to environment end eco-sustainability.

Since 2009 they started a social responsibility project at corporate level while extending the benefit to all the markets categories they are in (automotive, house hold appliances, power tools, renewable energy).

Thanks to this long program, Bosch is increasing its brand awareness as well as building a strong Brand Equity as an eco-friendly Company for Student, Teachers and Family.

National Context of the Campaign

In the last few years, the problem of integration with foreign people has become critical. Italy is accommodating many people from countries with ongoing armed conflicts. Primary schools students are often disoriented when they face these children with such a different aspect and culture. The theme of diversity and inclusion is thus particular important for Italian schools and institutions.