Campaign details

Agency: Brand & Deliver Marketing LTD
Country: United Kingdom


Radeon – owned by micro-processor giant AMD – is part of a multi-billion dollar industry, which makes graphics cards. These cards are vital for playing the latest high-end computer games. Radeon has traditionally been a key player in the industry but in recent years it has lost its way and its market position was slipping. In Q2 2015 its shares were suspended after revenues fell 8%, instead of the expected 3%.

Radeon knew it's next product, the RX 480 graphics card, needed to make serious waves for it to stay in business, let alone hold its own in the market. It came to us and asked us to create a global campaign to support the launch of the RX 480.

Graphics card production is effectively a two-horse race and Radeon's competitor has always been an aggressive presence in the market, utilising a masculine tech approach in its branding and marketing materials, which is heavily aimed at young men as opposed to a broader audience. For years Radeon had essentially been replicating what its competition was doing. The problem is that it didn't have its competitor's scale, buying power and most importantly it had a totally different company culture and values.

National Context of the Campaign