Campaign details

Agency: The Big Now
Country: Italy


Polartec invented 'fleece' fabric, which has been used for decades by other brands in order to achieve insulation and protection in cold weather. After the revolution outdoors, today Polartec promises to revolutionize cycling apparel too, with fabrics able to protect cyclists thanks to waterproof, total resistance, and breathability. Since Polartec, like Gore-Tex, doesn't advertise to end-users, the challenge consisted in communicating this innovation directly to the cycling community.

National context of the campaign

The sports apparel market is characterized by manufacturers who adopt unbranded fabric of different quality levels. Polartec boasts a strong brand awareness among semi-professional athletes of different sports categories such as skiing and running. The challenge, however, was to launch a new line of highly-advanced fabrics specifically designed for cycling with no brand heritage in this field.