Campaign details

Agency: ignis
Country: United Kingdom


Time, attention and cash to spend? The consumer in Travel Retail (TR) is, in many ways, the ideal customer. But despite the opportunity it presents, you'll rarely see brands look beyond placement and pricing. Heavy discounting and offers saturate this environment, and even brands that have great stories to tell often won't in favour of more conventional methods. We knew that moving away from this model would require a brave brand; that brand was Jameson. We also knew that this environment was perfect for us to engage our travelling demographic and move beyond a purely transactional led activation, providing them with an authentic experience – something Jameson hadn't before executed and in a way the channel hadn't yet seen.

When Pernod Ricard Travel Retail's Jameson brand manager challenged us to think differently in order to bring the international BeOriginal campaign to life in this environment, we knew that we would be vying not just with the alcohol category, but with the entire airport retail environment.

National Context of the Campaign