Campaign details

Agency: Gruppo Roncaglia
Country: Italy


In everyone opinion, Mercedes-Benz is a leader in technology. The supremacy in Fl (where technology is fundamental) confirms its leadership. Successes in every motorsport category, its history made of prestigious cars and high performances, are not enough to modify the perception into big public: for everyone MB is rigorous and rational; for this reason the target interacts with the brand using more head than heart. Mercedes-Benz wanted its passionate side to break through and improve interaction with the target, increasing the fan base.

National context of the campaign

In Italy, the Fl world is dominated by the community of Ferrari's supporters. Who would ever talk about the community of Mercedes-Benz's Supporters? NOBODY. We gathered all MB fans, connecting them with a common mission: beat the passion of Ferrari's Supporters at Fl Monza Italian GP. The project directly targeted fans from the racetrack and at home through social media. Thanks to their actions, we dominated worldwide social conversations on Fl Italian GP. Now Mercedes-Benz is the number one rival of Ferrari, even on bleachers.