Campaign details

Agency: SYMBIO
Country: Czech Republic


Ria is a brand of women's hygiene products, its main products being pads and tampons. In this category, the market consists of 5 brands whose products are basically the same. The way of communication in the Czech Republic is also very similar for all these brands.

The awareness of the brand Ria was on quite a high level among the consumers, however, it was perceived as a brand of pads. Though Ria has always been producing tampons and wanted to show this to consumers. Moreover, the target group agreed that Ria is more of "a classical brand for mature women".

The assignment from the client was to create a consumer competition with very high KPIs.

We declined this assignment. Rather than doing anything without a real long-term impact on the brand, we took the brief as a challenge. It was necessary to start from the beginning: to build a brand image and awareness among the younger target group that we wanted to reach.

National context of the campaign