Campaign details

Agency: Bitmama
Country: Italy


Fini is an Italian brand that produces filled pasta. A kind of pasta that is consumed mostly in winter and on special occasions. To encourage having its products in new situations and on different occasions, Fini decided to promote a new way of cooking, suitable also for the hot season and for the needs of those who do not have much time to cook: directly in the frying pan. A cooking that does not need boiling in hot water and saves time and energy.

National Context of the Campaign

For Italians, since forever, pasta (of any kind) has been cooked in hot water... As true as it is that Italians can be quite creative in the kitchen, in this field (the cooking of pasta) they are pretty conservative and not apt to change: hence, the need for a campaign out of traditional models.


To generate an awareness on the method of cooking directly in the frying pan.