Campaign details

Agency: Wunderman Prague
Country: Czech Republic


In the long run The Ford Motor Company is supporting via different way the handicapped musicians' band The Tap Tap in Czech Republic. Today they wanted to give them fuel for their Ford car for their next show tour.

The point here was to highlight the handover of the fuel during the evening and make sure it appears on the public television. The handover was not addressed only to the band but also to the audience during the performance.

National Context of the Campaign

Saint Nicolas day is the special day when small presents are given to kids. So it was the opportunity to show the handover at the right time even to the youngest in the concert hall.


The point was to address and, above all, engage the audience. And it succeeded. Fans in the building were amused by the idea and they were enthusiastically throwing the balls around. During just one song they threw in to the band 2015 litres of fuel and 1 300 000 viewers saw this first ever charity handball live in Czech Television.