Campaign details

Agency: 360 MARKETING & COMM.
Country: Spain


Castillo de San Diego is the number one brand of bottled white wine in Spain. Few people name this brand in Spain by its real name. It is commonly known as Barbadillo, since the name of the winery is very present in the label.

Bodegas Barbadillo is a winery founded in 1821, one of the 10 oldest family-owned businesses in Spain.

Under Barbadillo's name, a full range of wines is commercialized. Being world leader in sherry production, the company has received numerous awards, including having a wine listed in the 100 Best Wines of the World by Wine Spectator and being the first sherry winery to get 100 Parker points. Unfortunately, many consumers only know the brand by its leading white wine, retailed at €3.80, so Barbadillo needed to leverage this.

For many years, Barbadillo's advertising investement was focused on only one brand .

National context of the campaign