Youku Tudou: Little Apple – Global Digital Campaign

Agency: Prodigee Media, Malaysia

The summary statement

PROBLEM: Hugely successful Chinese brand "Little Apple" not given international recognition. OBJECTIVE: WebTVAsia to create global awareness for "Little Apple".

The media entertainment scene in China has blossomed in recent years. Unfortunately, successful Chinese brands hasn't always been given the international recognition they deserve. "Little Apple" is a great example where despite being the number 1 song in China, it was unknown to the outside world. In July 2014, Youku Tudou Inc. engages WebTVAsia with the mission of creating global awareness for the "Little Apple" brand.

By understanding the cultural diversities of our target audience, WebTVAsia produced 4 customised "Little Apple" music videos by engaging key social influencers as talents. This enables WebTVAsia to leverage on their strong fan base, a combined total of 12 million followers on top social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo and Youku. These regional key communities in turn reaches out and engage the global mass audience.