Agency: Initiative Russia

The Summary Statement

Russia is a country of centralized supply of heat and hot water. From the combined heat and power plant hot water flows through the pipes to each house. It is a complex system with old worn out equipment, which requires annual prevention. Therefore, they cut off hot water every summer for two weeks. Every summer Russian women suffer from the lack of hot water during this period.

Dove has a solution, this is a dry shampoo, which refresh and revive hair between washes. Main objective is to increase product awareness and sales of certain brand SKU. It is not all as easy as it sounds because dry shampoo is associated with compromise decision while Russian women value true beauty primarily. That's why our task was also to make them aware of the product in the most receptive mood – when dry shampoo usage seems to be a great decision.

In the world of Big Data, where advertisers spend millions to obtain information about their consumers, we found a completely free solution by using open data from the web portal of the Moscow Government. We could create a personal appeal to each person from the target audience.

Campaign Strategy