Agency: X-Line Co., Ltd. (Dentsu group), Taiwan

The Summary Statement

Taiwan Star only took up 5% of market share and had only 15% of brand preference. Almost half of the consumers have low concern towards the brand. We combined "eye-caring issue" with "2017 World Sight Day" and successfully initiate main stream media to report the campaign. It not only raised the brand preference to 25% and reached the peak of people caring macular degeneration (MD) in Taiwan history. It has really affected Taiwan's legislation.

Campaign Strategy

Marketing situation

  1. The time Taiwanese spend surfing on the Internet every day ranks World No.l. WTO points out that macular degeneration (MD) has become the third main cause of adult blindness after mobile internet has become popular. According to an estimate, in the next decade, 1 out of 3 Taiwanese will be suffering from MD.
  2. MD's clinic research has only started a decade ago. According to the survey, only 30% of Taiwanese know about MD and only 20% know that MD would cause blindness. Most people thought that MD is a disease of old age.