Agency: Geometry Encompass, India

The Summary Statement

To make Sunfeast Farmlite stand out from the myriad of 'me too's' of the digestive biscuits category and bring out the brand's proposition of'a healthier you awaits you' we set up a gift store. A gift store where gifts don't cost money, but calories. For the parents to buy gifts for their children, a small gymnasium was setup inside the gift store. Parents had to run on a treadmill or exercise on a cross-trainer or do push-ups to burn as much calories as mentioned on the chosen gift. As some parents could "afford" to buy the gifts and some couldn't, with this unique shopping experience, Sunfeast Farmlite made parents realize that - 'the best gift you can gift to your child is a gift of a healthy you! If you are healthy, your kid will inevitably get all the gifts in life.'

To reach on-the-go content consumers, we turned the activation into a film and garnered 1.7 million online views. The entire campaign was executed with a meagre budget of $23000.