Agency: PHD Taiwan, Taiwan

The Summary Statement

ŠKODA formally entered the Taiwan market in 2015, and has gradually raised brand awareness among young males. However, overall awareness still remained at only 15% of the marketplace. ŠKODA, as a European carmaker, needed to boost brand awareness and capture attention to generate some traction for its brand and trigger emotional connections at the local level.

We ascertained that people tend to gravitate toward those who share their same philosophy. Clever appreciates clever. There is an unspoken moment when no language is needed yet people feel connected to each other, called "Coincidence". We also realised that ŠKODA's "Simply Clever" tag-line facilitated a nice play on words with the Taiwanese word for "Dance".

Thus, we envisioned the MV "CoinciDance", created by Handsome Dancers from New York. It quickly became popular in Taiwan, and attracted many young people and influencers to imitate it. The video's concept of the protagonists' identical enthusiasm for dance was consistent with ŠKODA's long-running slogan "Simply clever". Combining the commonality of brand spirit and MV, we invited the Handsome Dancers to Taiwan and developed the theme of "Love ŠKODA, simply clever". We then created 1 flash mob event, 4 ŠKODA Taiwan exclusive launch videos and 1 "behind the scenes" video to build up the awareness.