Agency: Edelman Malaysia

Campaign Summary

Shell Emotion Tracking presents a compelling case of how a brand drowned by aggressive competitors (with less than 1% SOV) leveraged its Strategic PR approach to grow its 'Earned Attention' by 550% (worth USD 1 mil) for the launch of its new range of premium fuels. This first of its kind real time emotion tracking study followed hundreds of Malaysian drivers using wearable devices on over 2,569 journeys to create distinct driving profiles using analytics from 150,000 data points. Rich analytics from this study powered Shell launch its new fuel formulation along with customized at station offerings delivering 8X on ROI.

Campaign Strategy

The fuel market in Malaysia is clearly divided between value driver Premium fuels (RON 97, Racing) and volume driver Main Grade Fuel (Ron 95 Petrol & Diesel).

Shell in Malaysia conventionally has been the leader in Premium fuels category. However, increase in fuel prices and weekly floating prices has had a serious business impact on Shell with premium fuel customers down trading or getting influenced by aggressive 'Deal & Promotional' strategies adopted by competitors with high decibel campaigns.