Pernod Ricard Hong Kong: Chivas 18 - The Scene presents Crowd Crew

Company: Geometry Global Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Category: Integrated, Marketing Discipline and Brand Building/Awareness

Summary statement

In an environment of increasing consumer sophistication, Chivas, led by Chivas12, faced declining brand relevance and flattening sales. To revive the brand and affect reappraisal, we developed a branded content led idea with a new, relevant brand 'hero' Chivas18, crowd sourcing the film execution amongst the creative aspirants of the target audience.

Each key milestone of the collaborative project was brought to life by a series of online and office activities through multiple channels to ensure that our target audience was kept up to date on the campaign progress as well as was offered the opportunity to engage with the brand first hand.

By returning to our classy film roots with a distinctly unique approach to devising and promoting a branded content led platform, the idea delivered against all its objectives: brand reappraisal, image improvement and sales growth rate by 20%YoY, against 80%YoY reduction in marketing spend.