Agency: Truth Communications, Malaysia

Summary Statement

Understanding the peak in interest on food related topics amongst Malaysians during Ramadan and leading up to Eid, Truth Communications conceptualised a collaborative campaign bringing together partners that were #PerfectTogether to further communicate the versatility of Mission Foods products. This period was also chosen to connect on an emotive level with Malaysian consumers made up largely (70%) of Muslim consumers. The #PerfectTogether campaign brandishes the digital landscape as PR's new playground in the most exciting and effective manner by leveraging on the iconic Chef Wan and dairy brand Emborg who command a massive digital audience on their own, along with hand-selected influencers to help reach breadth and depth in the campaign. Just fresh off the campaign, results are off the charts and Mission Foods has reached new levels of awareness and affinity for its products as seen by the spike in business results in just two months.

Campaign Strategy