Agency: OMD Hong Kong


Shogun Burger is a seasonal burger series that is relaunched around Valentine's Day every year. However, the legacy of Shogun Burger was fading in light of challenges posed by other fast food novelties.

Using an integrated media approach, we have successfully engaged Hongkongers to help reviving the classic love story of General Shogun and Tamago. As a result, the campaign has reached more than 4.4M Hongkongers and the Shogun Burger stock was sold out 10 days earlier!

Campaign Strategy

Relaunched around Valentine's Day every year, Shogun Burger is a seasonal burger series with over 20 years history. Despite having an excellent word of mouth, consumers knew it too well. A new ingredient – Tamago (which also means Egg in Japanese) was later introduced. Played around the pun, a humanized character 'Tamago' was created, and the love story of Shogun and Tamago has become one of the most well-known love stories in Hong Kong ever since.