Agency: Dentsu Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

Wonda has been celebrating International Coffee Day as the brand's annual event since 2014. Our biggest competitor, Nescafe, responded to this by mirroring Wonda's International Coffee Day campaign with promotions of their own in the following week after our campaign.

But in 2016, they finally retaliated in a big way. Their strategy was to roadblock all key mainstream mediums which included:

  • The front page of all key mainstream newspapers (during the days Wonda would celebrate International Coffee Day).
  • Radio airwaves
  • Wonda's sampling activities through exclusive tie-ups with radio cruisers.

Nescafe has been the dominant player in the RTD coffee category for far too long, making coffee synonymous with the brand. Rather than making a conscious choice to purchase coffee, research discovered that 92% of consumers purchased coffee out of pure habit. We had to break out from the default to wake consumers up from this sleepwalking behaviour and disrupt their drinking habits in order to convert Nescafe loyalists into avid Wonda Coffee drinkers and fans.