Agency: OMD Hong Kong


Illuma Organic is a global first super premium organic formula launched in Hong Kong. Sold at a premium price, the product targeted premium mums who are eco-conscious and have genuine interest in organic products. As we turned to data technology to reach them, we realized conventional data profiling is insufficient. Looking beyond the existing data pool, we started cultivating data from scratch. We segregated and engaged with our target based on their interest level over organic products through digital engagement. With the right content and digital products, we have successfully cultivated 42,000+ quality audience from our data farm!

Campaign Strategy

Illuma Organic is a new organic milk powder launched in Hong Kong. The existing market of organic formula is small compared with the total milk powder market, with 80% domination by German brand HIPP. Priced 1.7x higher than HIPP, we wanted to convert existing HIPP users by creating a super-premium segment, at the same time reaching out to other upscale mums who were interested in organic products but yet to engage with any organic milk powder brand.