Agency: TODAY Ogilvy & Mather, Myanmar

The Brief

Campaign Objective

Huawei enjoyed immense success in Myanmar with the launch of their P series, they wanted to keep the same momentum for their mid-range model, Nova2i. However, this will need to be achieved with a much lower budget and a higher sales KPI.

Our task was to take the global core idea "Have a point of view" and twist it into a proposition that appeals to our Myanmar audience. The USP was the 4 cameras, the first ever in this market.

Target Audience

The target audience for this device are the 22-35 year olds of Myanmar who have entered adulthood whilst being exposed to global pop culture, trends and more importantly, modern technology. Unlike the previous generation, this segment seems to have an eclectic taste in pop culture, a different point of view on life and are not shy to make their opinions known be it online or in real life.