Gone in less than 20 minutes!

Volkswagen, a car brand, sold twelve cars in 20 minutes in Malaysia thanks to a partnership with e-commerce giant Lazada.

Agency: PHD Media, Malaysia

The Summary Statement

Faced with a slow-down in automotive car sales in 2017 and being over-shadowed by dominant Japanese car markets like Toyota and Honda; VW was not able to win during heavy car sales period. To win, VW needed an innovative idea to out-smart competition VW partnered with Lazada to offer Malaysians their first opportunity to buy a 12.12 limited edition Beetle on Lazada! The execution was nothing but simple; layered with clever data-marketing targeting approaches; smart media flighting strategy to build anticipation & buzz and real-time agility in optimizations to maximize conversions on sale day. The results were phenomenal with 12 VW cars sold in less than 20 minutes on 12.12.17; that's a record-breaking 100% sales conversion!

Given limited budget, we couldn't use just target anyone who's interested in cars. Instead, we maximized the audience targeting from Facebook data and platform. How? Firstly, we capitalized on VW own CRM data of those how have bought Beetle in the past; and created lookalike audiences on Facebook and target with an awareness drive on the promotion on Lazada. Secondly, we targeted past VW campaign engagers – people who has seen and engaged with our ads in the past 3 months, but did not booked a test drive; and educated them about the impending promotion on Lazada. Thirdly we went on the offensive and targeted all our competitors audience, targeting them with creatives that had strong call to action to trigger interest and consideration for the Lazada promotion. Finally, the audience targeting and wrap up with highly strong re-marketing approaches against all audiences to close to loop on Lazada page. Research data showed us that conversations and searches start a week leading up to the sale day (12.12). Hence, timing the launch of the campaign rightly to ensure we're building up the hype in the right manner and hitting the right moments. Leveraging on the insight, we launched our big ad formats on Facebook to drive high reach awareness quickly; and followed through with count-down ads to build anticipation and buzz. Further coupling the social media efforts were online PR releases to publishers and key opinion leaders to further hype up the buzz as the first brand automotive brand to be selling online. Budgets were also optimized with slow build-up at beginning of the week, and then quick acceleration 3 days down to 12.12 sale day. The efficient use of audience insights allowed optimization of campaign performance by segment through various ad formats. Further to audience optimization; we also capitalized on optimization across entire Facebook platform including Instagram, Facebook Audience Network. Creative ad formats were updated on a daily basis to deliver freshest look to avoid fatigue; countdown ads to continue to drum in anticipation and relevant ad messaging and creatives for respective audience targeting strategies (mentioned above).