Agency: Dentsu Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

Goodday Milk is the leader for the pasteurised fresh variant in Malaysia. Being the leader in "fresh" was an important USP to own in the milk category as "fresh" is the key imagery for the milk experience. To build brand equity in the market, we leveraged upon this proposition, but not in a way anyone would have expected.

Our strategy was not to push the brand onto the audience, but instead to engage the audience in the brand building process, making them part of the brand experience.

Campaign Concept

To build engagement with consumers, it's not enough to just have an interesting concept or idea. We needed to empower consumers to be able to affect decisions for the brand.

Enter Dee Dee the cow – a charming character with an unconventional attitude that we created to appeal to a wide audience and different age groups, who would go on to completely surprise our consumers.