Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims in which they abstain from consumption of food and liquids from dawn till dusk and the abstinence is followed by a feast in the evening which results in an overall increase in shelf off take for food and beverage products. While this season is the most lucrative for consumption brands, it also vitalizes the spirit of benevolence amongst people which offers a great opportunity to develop an emotional connect with them. Moreover, the political volatility in the country has led to a segregation within the nation and consequently stemmed to a negative image of Pakistan across the globe. Coca Cola, at the heart of which are values of optimism and togetherness, wanted to demonstrate that there is ONE thing that surpasses all disparities and that is HUMANITY...

Therefore, this campaign intended to bridge all gaps and bring together a nation divided on religious and cultural backgrounds into a social movement to collectively live into the values of the month of Ramadan and Coca Cola itself and turn the fate of a declining NGO around!

Campaign strategy