Agency: Havas Riverorchid Cambodia

Campaign Strategy

Caltex Cambodia briefed the agency to help celebrate their 20th anniversary, marked by the launch of newly improved Caltex with Techron petrol with added Clean & Glide technology. But it was evident that this lift in technological performance alone would not be sufficient to give the brand a real boost in terms of awareness, empathy or usage. Three insights challenged us:

  1. In Cambodia – like most countries – buying petrol is a very negative experience: an unavoidable cost which no one wishes to make in a boring category.
  2. Petrol companies in general – but Caltex in particular – are seen as totems of bad power in which the few (wealthy people and companies) win at the expense of and the exclusion of the many (the rest of us).
  3. This dovetailed with a wider perception in Cambodia that the class gap has widened dramatically, with the emergence of a very small and extremely wealthy super elite set well apart from the rest of society.