7-Eleven Malaysia: BYO Cup Day 2015

Brand: 7-Eleven Malaysia
Agency: Orion Social Media Malaysia


Every year, the 7-Eleven BYO Cup Day is highly anticipated especially by the Slurpee-lovers and for Year 2015, the fun was doubled as it was held for 2 days, 7th and 8th November. The main components of the campaign are the 7-Eleven Malaysia BYO Cup Day (on-ground event) which was held from 7.00am on 7th November 2015 till 11.00pm on 8th November 2015 and followed by a 5-day social media event (five days including the physical event), 7-Eleven BYO Cup Photo Contest on 7-Eleven Malaysia's Facebook Page.


Slurpee is a childhood favourite for many Malaysians and hence, this campaign is highly anticipated every year by the Slurpee-lovers. In view of the popular demand, the key strategy for this campaign was formulated with the main objective being - "To celebrate the 7-Eleven Malaysia's birthday with an in-store promotion and social media campaign that centers around the Slurpee drink as it is the 7-Eleven's proprietary product. This year, it will be 2 days on-ground event and 5 days' social media campaign in order to create an even more impactful result in strengthening consumer loyalty and maximizing customer relationship towards the brand presence and value."