Agency: Orion Social Media, Malaysia

The Summary Statement

The 7-Eleven Dreamworks KouKou was launched as part of the continuous effort in expressing our gratitude to our loyal customers and staying relevance to the current market trend and expectation as the character of the redemption were known to many. It was a successful campaign with a high redemption throughout the campaign period from 29th August to 30th October 2017. This campaign was formulated with the main objective to create more brand awareness and top of mind brand positioning of 7-Eleven Malaysia and to increase footfall to 7-Eleven Malaysia stores. To further increase awareness of the campaign, a Boomerang teaser was published on YouTube and Facebook prior to the start of campaign.

The 7-Eleven Dreamworks KouKou campaign ran for a period of 2 months from 29th August to 30th October 2017 and there were two social media campaign, Dreamworks KouKou: Q&A and Dreamworks KouKou: What is Your KouKou Doing? Boomerang contest that garnered high participation rate of over 2,459 entries during the campaign period, that run alongside the redemption program throughout this period to further enhance the excitement for the redemption of the collectable Dreamworks KouKou.