Agency: Orion Social Media Malaysia


Slurpee is a childhood favourite for many Malaysians and hence, this campaign is highly anticipated every year by the Slurpee-lovers. In view of the popular demand, the key strategy for this campaign was formulated with the main objective being – "To celebrate the 7-Eleven Malaysia's birthday with an in-store promotion and social media campaign that centers around the Slurpee drink as it is the 7-Eleven's proprietary product. This year, it will be 2 days on-ground event and 5 days' social media campaign in order to create an even more impactful result in strengthening consumer loyalty and maximizing customer relationship towards the brand presence and value."

In order to meet the above objective, the following key strategies were adopted:

  • Pre-event awareness: Online and offline campaign posters and advertisements
  • Event days' hype: Live event coverage / updates and advertisements
  • Post-event awareness: Sample entries from participants