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Online media consumption among 16-24-year-old Australians is forecast to grow in 2023, with online audio (music streaming and podcasts) driving the uptick. Decreases in media consumption will be observed across all offline media channels including linear TV and broadcast radio. 

With almost double-digit growth, podcasts will likely be the medium to see the highest year-on-year increase in consumption. Strong growth is also forecast for music streaming among Australians aged 16-24, with a six-point increase. Online press is the only online channel forecast to see a decrease in consumption among this age group. 

Offline media channels combined will see a 5% decrease in consumption time, with 16-24s significantly moving away from print press (-8.2%) and linear TV (-7.4%).

In total, young Australians will spend 176.4 minutes on social media in 2023, making it the most consumed channel of all, followed by music streaming (175.5 minutes), online TV/streaming (115.7 minutes), and games consoles (96.7 minutes). 

Meanwhile, those aged 16-24 are also more likely to use second screens while watching TV to chat to/message friends (60%), use social media (47%), and play games (47%).