Innocent drinks: How applied consumer psychology helped find the sweet spot for one savoury proposition

Olivia Taylor
innocent drinks

Behavioural economics has brought a new lexicon of terms that are demonstrably important in human decision-making e.g. 'heuristics', 'priming', 'framing' and 'loss aversion'. However, just how many of us really understand how to apply these into meaningful insights to drive brand success?

This case study outlines the work that innocent carried out with psychologist Phil Graves to aid development of a Cold-Pressed Fruit & Vegetable juice.

The background

Living a fulfilled and 'well-thy' life is increasingly on the agenda of the 2015 consumer. With ever busier lives, there is growing pressure for brands to provide convenient ways to help consumers fuel their bodies with 'good stuff'. In 2015 there is more focus than ever before on proactive health management and a subsequent thriving market for convenient, healthy products.