Disney Destinations International (DDI) is a business area responsible for the sale of Walt Disney World (WDW) hotels and theme park tickets in Orlando. These sales come through UK sales channels as well as third party tour operators and travel agents. Their business objective is to maximise UK-based bookings and ticket sales in advance of people travelling to Orlando, preventing drop out when guests arrive in Orlando. Edelman Intelligence (EI) and sister company Edelman, have partnered with DDI for the past 5 years in helping to improve the impact of social, earned and paid media to drive UK-based bookings.

At the beginning of our partnership with DDI, they were very conscious that social should be playing a much more strategic role in their communications approach. As a proof of concept, we initially began working with them on smaller, ad hoc reports around specific activations, or key moments in the year. Over time, as the wider business has become more accustomed to using social listening to drive their objectives, and recognised the value EI have delivered, we have conducted increasingly strategic pieces. For the past three years, our regular reports have been designed to ladder up into a comprehensive UK social communications strategy which we write, and is then implemented by the internal DDI team.

Why is social media analysis so integral to DDI's success?