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Agency: SKIM
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Patient centricity is transforming the healthcare market and pharmaceutical businesses

Patient centricity has become key to pharmaceutical reaching patients, delivering effective treatments and being commercially successful. Whereas previously a healthcare professional (HCP) was considered all-knowing and a patient merely listened, the availability of online sources are increasingly empowering patients to be in control of their own health; to be in the driver's seat in their own treatment journey. In turn they expect more information about the treatment options available and the ability to make an informed decision. And rightly so! After all, it is their health, their lives and their happiness that are the subject matter.

However, this does pose a challenge to pharmaceutical companies and insights agencies. It means we can no longer be content understanding only the healthcare professional's point of view – we need a thorough understanding of the patient perspective as well. It is becoming increasingly important to understand a patient's emotional, clinical and informational needs in their treatment journey. Failure to do so risks not providing patients with the level of care they deserve and it can impact the success of their treatment if the one they are prescribed does not fit their lifestyle or needs. So patient insights are crucial – but how do we best access these?