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Agency: Mindlab
Country: UK


The Brand Benefits Study – Pearl & Dean

The digital revolution has elicited an explosion in platforms available for AV content and ads, so Pearl & Dean were interested in exploring the impact that AV advertisements have when viewed on different platforms.

Here we outline the unique methodology developed to prove the effectiveness of Cinema advertising in this changing world of AV advertising, and the results observed.

We worked with Mindlab, specialists in testing implicit responses to brands. The testing focused on attention, emotion, association and engagement, and Mindlab have expertise in quantifying intuitive responses through its online neuromarketing consumer tools, founded on System 1 implicit testing.

Participants were split into three groups, with each group viewing five advertisements embedded within a different medium – Cinema, social media (Facebook) and YouTube. After viewing the content, participants completed a series of both intuitive-response and self-report tests.