Patient centricity has become a hygiene factor in pharmaceutical marketing: most companies claim to put the patient at the heart of what they do. But does this effort really result in better patient outcomes, or is it effectively just a marketing initiative which helps drive positive perceptions?

Our client, Shire, had an ambition not just to be 'seen' as being patient-centric but to truly change patient experiences for the better.

This project's success was driven by:

  • An outcome-focused approach: Tailored to Shire's needs to enable internal stakeholders to have patient-led conversations
  • Unique, bespoke outputs: These differentiated and pushed the boundaries of what is expected from a pharmaceutical company
  • A multi-faceted approach: We not only captured rich patient insights, but also incorporated nurses' perspectives, ensuring successful implementation

"This work has triggered a new way of thinking about our patient and nurse support materials. I believe it changes the paradigm of how the industry supports their patients and their customers for the better. We are a firm believer that commercial success will be driven from doing the right thing for our patients." Emma Williams, Senior Brand Manager Immunology UK

Overall business impact: