In 2011, two major things happened for Sanofi that put them in a unique position. First they acquired Genzyme, the world's third-largest biotechnology company in the world; and second, they had two MS products to launch worldwide – in the same time and place. This situation was a first in the world of MS, and our client consequently had to do more in less time.

The traditional relationship between a healthcare market research agency and a client is generally ad hoc (project-by-project), but in this situation there was no time to repeat multiple learnings with multiple agencies between different research studies. To put it simply, the old model wouldn't work, and Sanofi Genzyme needed Hall & Partners to be part of their team.

Of course, a great partnership didn't grow overnight! We had to prove that we were the right partner for Sanofi Genzyme.

We started with a pair of quantitative trackers. These trackers have evolved over time and the insights produced are now a key element of brand planning for both global and local affiliates.